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duckydoo a demandé: I'm going to assume the photo of the lavender hair is you. Beautiful by the way. I was just curious, I'm considering going that colour and wanted to know what product you used. Plus any special tips you may off. Thanks a bunch in advance c:


hey doll, thanks bunches! I love having lavender hair. however, I must caution you: it can be expensive to obtain if you need a colour correction (going from an artificial dark colour to blond — I would never recommend doing this at home); pastel hair requires commitment (I enjoy cultivating an aesthetic which is high-maintenance but this isn’t the case for everyone); unless you are naturally very blonde, you must take good care of your hair which will inevitably suffer a significant amount of damage.

first things first: the whiter your hair, the clearer/less muddy and lighter your pastel will be. if you arent nordic platinum or at least light blonde, i really recommend having lightening done by a professional not only for the integrity of your hair but because lightener can be messy and, if incorrectly done, can really damage your hair and your skin. god knows I did a lot to my hair myself when I first started doing it in middle school and some of it did turn out okay but in order to get your hair as white as possible, it can take several applications with weeks in between.

next: the colour. some stylists use toner for pastels but it’s often quite semi-permanent. a few girls I know of with pastel hair, like mona purple pony, use manic panic. I would caution you against their electric amethyst — or any metallics. my stylist friend calls them “bad juju”; they are super unpredictable, stain your hair permanently, and often get very muddy and gray as they fade — which they do really quickly.

anyway, I swear by pravana vivids (mixed with conditioner) which I believe you can buy online. but dont get me wrong — I still re-do my colour every two to three washes (though I only wash my hair once a week). pravana is amazingly concentrated so I use a TINY bit — about one ribbon inch of violet and two to three of pink per bottle of conditioner. these proportions will be more or less depending upon the length and thickness of your hair. I have a thick mane so I use almost an entire bottle of conditioner in order to thoroughly saturate my hair. don’t worry if it’s too dark at first — it will fade quickly.

finally, maintenance: some people like purple shampoo and conditioner. (if you can only find or afford one, get the conditioner because it deposits a lot more colour as it seals your cuticle.) I just don’t wash my hair much — once a week like I said above — and re-do it every two or three washes. I use a lot of argan oil in my hair while it’s wet to nourish it, very rarely use any heat styling tools, and use a protein treatment overnight every second wash. (NB: too much protein without enough moisture will also cause your hair to break. make sure you’re conditioning and use a treatment probably no more than once a week.)

I hope that helped. if you go for it, share your photos! I would love to see. good luck and let me know if you have more questions. xx

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