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things I want to say every day

hi baby, I love you.
I miss the rain and how it looks softest when I am with you
but this city stays dry.
I can get out of bed every morning now
but if you were here
I would stay by choice.
when anything is beautiful
I feel your bones in mine.

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Dashboard Confessional - Vindicated

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I found this Adidas men’s 4XL sized jersey at Marshalls for like 3 bucks — I love Marshalls, I really fucking love Marshalls — and fell it love with it immediately. So now, it’s an oversized shift dress!

Paired with my pointed toe slingback pumps with gold enamel details and the most perfect quilted hat with tinted plastic visor I found at Zara Men’s on a quim and I dare you to tell me this isn’t the #look of all #looks

..and this isn’t an ootd, this is an outfit of the month tbh. If you see me out in the streets  I’m likely to be wearing this, I’ll probably be wearing this shit everyday until I find something that’s more me than this.

Like I’m so into the “wearing sports/workout gear like all the time even though I can’t remember the last time I did any physical activity" look. This is: fake as an aesthetic, fronting as an ideology.

this deserves notes for daaaays

I agree tbh

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